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Earthen Buildings, Yongding & Nanjing, Fujian province

(福建省土楼(永定·南靖)旅游区 fú jiàn shěng tǔ lóu (yǒng dìng & nán jìng) lyǔ yóu qū)

A number of Tulou are scattered in the mountainous areas of Nanjing county, Zhangzhou, Fujian province. [Photo/]

Tulou, literally meaning “earthen buildings” in Chinese, are rural dwellings in the mountainous areas of East China’s Fujian province. The tulou clusters in Nanjing county, Zhangzhou city and Yongding county, Longyan city are typical examples.

The origin of tulou in the province can be dated back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Their development reached a peak in the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.

The structures feature mostly tall rectangular or circular buildings made of fortified mud walls capped by tiled roofs with wide over-hanging eaves.

They are exceptional examples of a building tradition and function exemplifying a particular type of communal living and defensive layout. In terms of their harmonious relationship with their environment, most tulou are set among rice, tea and tobacco fields. They are outstanding examples of human settlement.

The tulou in the Nanjing cluster are widely scattered across the counties of Nanjing, Hua’an, Pinghe, Zhao’an, Yunxiao and Zhangpu. Highlights include Yuchang building, Taxia village and Yunshuiyao ancient town.

The major scenic spots in the Yongding tulou cluster include the Zhencheng, Yijing and Chengqi buildings. The Zhencheng building is rare for combining Eastern and Western styles. The Yijing building is the tallest tulou, and the Chengqi building has the largest resident population.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: all year

Recommended Duration For A Visit:
One to two days for Nanjing and Yongding tulou cluster

Opening Hours:
All day (Nanjing)
8:00-17:00 (Yongding)

Ticket Price:
Charge varies for different scenic spots.

Nanjing county, Zhangzhou, Fujian province (Nanjing)
Fengcheng town, Yongding county, Longyan, Fujian province (Yongding)

You may see fireflies in Nanjing county in June and July.

An ancient town in Nanjing county [Photo/]
A circular tulou in Yongding county, Longyan, Fujian province [Photo/]
A tulou cluster is surrounded by rapeseed fields in Yongding county, Longyan. [Photo/]

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2018

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