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China-Russia Border Tourist Area, Manzhouli

(满洲里市中俄边境旅游区 mǎn zhōu lǐ zhōng é biān jìng lyǔ yóu qū)

A glimpse of Matryoshka Resort of the Manzhouli China-Russia Border Tourist Area in Manzhouli, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region [Photo/]

Adjoining Russia and Mongolia, the Manzhouli China-Russia Border Tourist Area was founded in 2014 in Manzhouli county, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. It consists of the Matryoshka Resort and the National Gate Resort, covering an area of 5,000,000 square meters.

The Matryoshka Resort is the only scenic site in China that has a theme of “matryoshka” –– a traditional craft in Russia. Dotted structures ina Russian stylecan be found in its cinemas, amusement park and bakery bringing Russian culture to life,and giving the resortthe reputation as one of the scenic sites with the most Russian feel in China.

The Matryoshka Hotel is a highlight of the resort. It is the largest themed hotel in Hulunbuir, which covers 100,000 sq m with 1,118 rooms. The hotel is also the world’s largest matryoshka-themed building.

The National Gate Resort immediately captures the eye with seven Chinese characters written on the top of the magnificent construction,“中华人民共和国”, meaning People’s Republic of China. Visitors can overlook the border between China and Russia when standing on the top of the gate. The whole scenic site also includes the No 41 Border Monument, Locomotive Square and the historical site of the Sixth National Congress of the Communist Party of China held in 1928.

Scenic Spot Level: AAAAA

Ideal Sightseeing Season: Spring and Autumn

Opening Hours: 9:00 to 17: 30 (last tickets sold at 17:00)

Ticket Price: 50 yuan

Address: No 23 Huabu Street, Manzhouli, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia autonomous region

With little sunshade, vistiors are advised to avoid visiting the tourist area at noon during the summer.


Last Updated: Dec 17, 2018

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